AscToRTF 2.0

Easy-to-use tool to convert plain text to Rich Text Format
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AscToRTF is an easy to use tool to convert plain text files (.txt) into Rich Text Format (RTF) documents. It also has a powerful text analysis engine, which allows recognizing the structure of the document and reproducing it in RTF format automatically. The program recognizes margins, bold/colored font, tables, headings, bulleted lists, typographical features in the original document and lays out properly in the RTF document. It is a very easy process, all you have to do is just input the text file to be converted, choose an output directory, and click on the convert button. The clean looking RTF will be generated within seconds. The program also allows you to save settings for future use if you ever have to repeat the conversion. It also supports the conversion of CSV to RTF format. The application allows you to choose the language you would like to use; the menu has 7 different languages including French, Swedish and Portuguese. The shareware comes with a 30-day trial and there is extensive documentation which you can read on-line. To continue using the program after the limited period, one needs to register it.

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  • Compatible with most of the Windows OS
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Fast conversion speed


  • Not free
  • Does not support Linux and Mac OS
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